I am officially a geek.

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Ok, this is where I get all 6th grade girl -crush spazzy.  I have been reading Twilight, courtesy of a recommendation from my friend Melissa, and I am OBSESSED!!!  I have to state that I have never been a “vampire book” person, and honestly I didn’t even know what the book was about when I bought it, only that it was 500 pages and awesome.  Well, I don’t know how it’s possible, but kudos to Stephenie Meyer for making me (and thousands of other girls) fall in love with a fictional benevolent vampire.  I feel really silly writing about this, because I’m 26 years old, but dayum!!  This dude is H-O-T-T!  In my mind of course.  The actor that plays him in the upcoming movie does NOT do him justice, in my opinion.  Anyway, in my quest to see what this actor looked like, I came across some Edward Cullen/Twilight t-shirts on cafepress.com!  Could there be anything nerdier/more awesome? NO!  So here are a few of my faves…  

(I’d rather be in Forks)


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This. Is. Awesome.

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p.s. my cat who is mostly deaf actually ran away during the Soviet Pooh theme song. 

p.p.s. Soviet Pooh’s voice sounds like the voice in MIA’s “mango pickle down river”

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A Pill to Erase Memories?

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This is interesting…. and creepy.   I’m not sure that I would want even my worst memories erased.  Although, for people that have been through really horrible things, like being gang raped or repeatedly abused, it could be beneficial.  I don’t know, I’m on the fence on this one.

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“I can’t imagine a president being named Obama”

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Interesting clip of a VERY religious woman on her views of the presidential election

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I can’t get enough!

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3 Wise Men?

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Folksiness (tee hee)

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I heart Ellen

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Free Dr. Pepper!

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info courtesy of perezhilton and Guns N Roses

Dr Pepper is ready to give out free soda coupons to every American when the album releases on Nov. 23, 2008. If you’re out to get a free Dr Pepper just follow these simple steps:


1. On the Nov. 23, 2008 release date, go to http://www.drpepper.com

2. Register your information to receive a coupon for one free 20-oz. Dr Pepper.

3. When your coupon arrives, redeem it wherever Dr Pepper is sold.

4. Drink your Dr Pepper slowly to experience all 23 flavors. Dr’s orders.

Coupons will be available for 24 hours, starting at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Time on Nov. 23, 2008. Allow 4-6 weeks for coupon to arrive. Coupons will expire on Feb. 28, 2009. Limit one coupon per person. Full terms and conditions available at http://www.drpepper.com

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