Why do I live here? It all goes back to the railroads…

January 15, 2009 at 5:12 pm (Uncategorized)


But seriously, why, when I KNOW that it will be at least -20 degrees every winter, do I live here?  I have often planned on moving, even filling out transfer forms in college  after one particularly bad winter.  But I never went through with it.  I have thought about it extensively though and it involves a lot of planning, and a job, and some money, of which I have none. 

Despite the fact that I am constantly criticizing my home city for failing in just about every arena (Blago anyone? CTA? Highest taxes in the nation? Temperatures cold enough that schools close?) it’s still my home.  I grew up here with my family.  It made me the no-nonsense street smart independent ferosh chick that I am.  And I can tell you where in the city to get any type of food.  Seriously, try me. 

I really like this quote from the article “Why do I live in Chicago? … Maybe because it’s not for the fragile, the delicate or the glitzy crowd. I enjoy the extreme seasons we experience. They teach me that you have to be ready for anything and my Midwest values allow me to roll with the punches. I’m not convinced that we have the most unique foods or sites or structures, but we do have resiliency and we do have style and we do have a civic population that forgives, even if we don’t forget. Tragedy and loss have no power over us any more. We have seen the worst in sports, politics and natural disasters (the Great Chicago Fire). But, we’re still here, and we’re better than ever”

I also reeeeeeeally love Chicago in the summer time.  There’s always so much going on and it always blows my mind that the temperature can fluctuate at least 100 degrees throughout the year. 

Plus, my family is here.  As much as I would absolutely looooove to move elsewhere, to a more temperate climate and a change of pace, I feel like I would always return to my family.  Maybe I’ll move away and come back when I can afford a 4 wheel drive vehicle and a garage and a snowblower.  Or, maybe I’ll just become a bear.  If I coud honestly hibernate through winter, I definitely would.  Or at least go to Florida.  Bottom line, Chicago is a real city full of real people.  I’m proud of it, as full of corruption it may be.  And who knows, maybe with all this global warming talk, winter won’t be such a big deal anymore.


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