random thoughts

June 5, 2009 at 6:04 pm (Uncategorized)

I think I need a gay fan club.  Not a real club per se, just some gays that love me and will make me laugh, like in the movies.  This my blog, and I can say whatever stupid thing I want. 

My doc says everything looks “fantastic”, which is comforting and kinda exciting.  Fantastic?  Wow.  

I want to be covered in a blanket of friends.  That would be so comforting.  I really need some good friends.   People that I can be with and just curl up in a blanket and cry, and they would comfort me. I know this is all weird…. just some random thoughts I had on my way home.  I’m alone so much and I don’t have any friends like that.  Well, 1…but she’s leaving.  

enough moping…i think i’m going to take a nap… i’m so exhausted.


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