thoughts buzzing about

August 14, 2009 at 5:00 pm (Uncategorized)

I have a million things floating around in my head – sometimes it helps to write it all down.

Scared of student teaching, but i can do it.  I will get through it.

Need to email Monica to ask her what grade I should do first so I can call the right teacher, also ask if teachers have emails since no one answers the phone at the school.

Have to send in copy of my tax form to cook county for the use tax.

RSVP to Ben’s wedding saying i cant come…i feel bad about it i really wanted to go but prices are way to high and i will be in the middle of student teaching.  I wonder if i should send a gift?  gift certificate?

somehow get my feet to look acceptable for the wedding.  There is still dirt that i cannot get off despite several showers and even swimming in a chlorine pool.  Wondering if I should go get a pedicure at the weird place, a different place, or just do one myself.  Got a groupon for a discount at a spa.  They do massages and also do chakra and energy reading.  goooooood i want to do that.  I need to find like a local spiritual center that does that for cheaper.  Anything to increase the relaxation and calmness in my life.

Batteries for my camera…trying to decide to wear my hair up or down for the wedding.  Maybe up since it will be hot and humid.  Dont know what looks better.

At some point i must go buy those new balance shoes the dr. recommended and check out that birkenstock store.  Maybe after my financial aid comes through.

Too vbad my parents live so far away the pool is awesome.  I wish i ould use it every day but staying there is slightly tortuous.

Edison Park fest t0night with Ingrid and Steve and Colleen – it will be good to see all of them.

Bad sleep last night.  had to take an ambien around 3 or 4 bc i was still awake.

Otherwise, excited for today and this weekend.


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