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Earlier this week, I discovered some bumps on my back.  At first I thought it was a breakout, and then the next day the area was completely filled with little bumps.  I bought some Aveeno and slathered it on, thinking that would take care of it.  I was curious, though.  What were these little bumps?  As I looked closely in the mirror, they weren’t normal little rash bumps, they were tiny blisters.  What the hell.  I googled my heart out trying to figure this out.  I looked at dozens of google images of various skin conditions.  Hmmmm.  On Saturday, I took a closer look at the shingles page and looked at the images.  Those pictures were the closest looking to my rash that I had found.  I also started having weird neck pain that started going down my arm.  I decided I had to see a doctor, if for nothing else than to solve this mystery.  I went to the urgent care on Peterson and pretty much instantly, the doctor said it was Shingles.  I thought to myself – yeah I knew that, thanks to my super research skills.  So now I am on some kind of anti virus medication similar to Valtrex, though i do NOT have herpes!

This would explain having a cold, the flu and awful headaches this past month.  Now that I have an actual valid excuse to miss work, I don’t want to.  I need the money!  I don’t want to tell them that I am contagious with some god foresaken rash.  How embarassing.  Although, I would feel really bad if the kids got chicken pox.  But, on the bright side, it would be nice having just a few kids in my class.

So, here I come, week.  Shingles, packing, moving, work.  Everything always happens at once.


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